Mechanics of the committee

The committee will serve both as an ethics review body and as an Internal Review Board for human subjects research.

Assistance and Guidance to PARC Research Community

Project Reviews

  1. When a new project starts PI goes through the checklist. If the checklist suggests that an ethics review is necessary, the PI should send a message to the committee email address.

  2. The committee sets a date for a review session. The PI fills in a slide template describing project and potential ethical risks and sends it to the committee.

  3. Committee members review information in template with respect to the Guidelines to prepare for the review session.

  4. The PI and committee meet for the review session. Together they identify risks and plans to mitigate the risks. They may also determine whether on-going or periodic check-ins would be useful. (Should there be “seams” to make sure the on-going reviews happen?)

  5. After the project starts, the PI notifies the committee if anything changes that might necessitate another review.

General Consulting

Researchers may send questions related to ethical matters for the committee to advise on or discuss.

Training and Education

  • Presentations at Lab meetings
  • Workshops (PARC internal and public)

Standing Committee Meeting

Initially the committee will meet every week. Meetings are open to anyone who would like to participate in discussions. Individuals who have not gone through the required trainings will not be part of reviews.

  • Reading group to keep up to date about current state
  • Discussions
  • Trip reports
  • Presentation preparation

Membership in the Committee

Anyone who works at PARC may volunteer to serve on the committee. All members must fulfill the training obligations determined by the committee.